Phil Wood & Co Belt Drive Cog

Phil Wood manufactures belt drive cogs for the following rear hub types:

  • Fixed ISO bolt pattern
  • Shimano-type freehub
  • Rohloff
  • Nexus/Alfine
  • Phil Wood freewheel

Fixed ISO
The fixed ISO bolt pattern cogs are compatible with hubs that use the ISO standard bolt pattern on disc brake hubs. These cogs start at 20 teeth. Several Phil Wood hubs are available, ranging from 120mm spaced track hubs with a 42mm belt line to a 135mm mountain disc with a 54mm belt line.

Shimano Cassette Compatible
The Shimano freehub compatible cogs are available with a Phil spacer system. This allow for chain line adjustment, utilizing any of 27 positions to achieve the desired chain line to within 1mm. These belt cogs are available with a minimum 16 teeth. The range for the chain line will vary depending on the selected hub width.

Rohloff belt cogs are made to attach to a carrier that replaces the original 3/32 tooth cog. This carrier--made from triple heat-treated stainless--allows any of our Rohloff cogs to be attached using only a hex wrench. These belt cogs are available with a minimum 20 teeth and have a limited range of chain lines due to the hub body on one side and the dropout/stays on the other side.

The Nexus/Alfine cogs are made to replace the original cog supplied with the hub. These belt cogs are available with a minimum 22 teeth. There is no adjusting the position of the belt cog on the hub due to the shifting hardware that brackets the belt cog.

Standard Freewheel
The Phil Wood belt drive freewheel is produced for Phil Wood by White Industries. Belt cogs are attached using a hex wrench onto the freewheel carrier. Belt cogs are available with a minimum of 22 teeth.

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